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The Problem
Surgical case scheduling can pull your office in a hundred different directions. It’s easy to be bogged down in the myriad of details that accompany the scheduling process.
The Solution
Welcome to Case-Connect, a unique, patent-pending online surgical scheduling system that is the answer to your scheduling challenges. Case-Connect manages all of your scheduling communications.
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Less time scheduling equals more time in the OR... and a chance to get home on time for a change. Make sure all of your surgical procedures run without a hitch…it’s time to get connected!”
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Case-Connect surgery scheduling software.

About Case-Connect

We understand the challenges involved with running a surgical practice. Our experience in the industry has ultimately led us to develop Case-Connect. Case-Connect provides surgeons and schedulers a convenient, efficient way to connect patients, hospitals, anesthesiologists, physician’s assistants, insurance companies, sales representatives, and suppliers. Our software is developed with you in mind. Case-Connect will minimize your headaches and maximize your time.