Surgical Data Solutions has been involved in the surgical field for a long time. Through the years, we’ve seen the challenges that accompany surgical scheduling - multiple contacts, constant phone calls, and other time-consuming details that seem to compound daily. These challenges add unneeded burdens to surgical schedulers and monopolize time that could be better spent elsewhere. Surgical schedulers are in desperate need of a better system.  

Writer Tim Hansel once said that “necessity is the author of change.” We’ve seen the necessity and can confidently say that change is finally here. Case-Connect is the much needed remedy to the ailments that afflict traditional surgical scheduling. It’s never been this easy to schedule a case.

A Few Highlights

Case-Connect utilizes an online platform to manage all of the pertinent connections to a surgical case. Users enter contact information for hospitals, support staff, sales representatives, distributors, insurance companies, and patients. Initial setup is simple and quick, and users may enter new information at any time.

Once the contact information is entered into Case-Connect, schedulers can book a case with the click of the mouse. Emails or faxes are sent to all interested parties with dates, locations, and other details regarding the surgery. Each email is equipped with a confirmation button and other functions like “add to my calendar.” Schedulers will enjoy automated confirmation notices – a feature that will eliminate the need for constant follow-up calls.

Reschedules and cancellations are handled in the same manner; emails are sent to participants with new details and information. With the click of a single button, schedulers can perform the tasks that used to take hours on the phone.

Devices and implants, if delivered incorrectly, can halt a scheduled surgery in its tracks. Case-Connect ensures that surgical devices and implants are delivered on-time, every time. Sales reps and distributors receive requests for products well in advance of surgeries. No scrambling or requests for last minute favors are necessary.

Bonus Features

Case-Connect takes pride in putting the customer first. To that end, we have no long term contracts, no confusing software to install, and no IT hassles. We simply offer unrivaled customer support, an online platform accessible from any Internet connection, and the best data security available.

We know that scheduling can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. With Case-Connect, we’ve found a way to make those frustrations a thing of the past. It’s time to find out the value of simple, streamlined, and reliable scheduling. It’s time to get connected!

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