20th Century “Fax”

The word “fax” in the title is not a typo – but it probably is a mistake. This dinosaur of a machine has somehow managed to slip through the evolutionary cracks and still hold a place in the business world. The proverbial meteor is about to hit, however, and the fax machine may have indeed seen its last days. It’s time for this 20th century relic to disappear.

In the eighties, businesses were delighted to have a new way to send messages to clients, suppliers, and colleagues. The fax machine (along with the copier and the office Coke machine) was a welcomed addition to the workplace. Let’s keep things in perspective, though. That was also the era of The New Kids on the Block, Atari, “Perfect Strangers,” “Footloose,” and mullets – all of which served a purpose but have thankfully been replaced by bigger and better things.

Just as Aqua Net hairspray has been gradually phased out of store shelves (and the ozone layer); fax machines have quietly been disappearing from office desktops. Computers have opened the door to better ways of sending information. Email attachments and universal file formats (i.e. PDF) have streamlined the process of sending and receiving information. The fax machine is officially obsolete…almost.

Some businesses refuse to give up on their beloved fax machines, just like some of your friends probably refuse to stop wearing that old REO Speedwagon t-shirt from high school. That’s okay, we can deal with that. Although receiving a fax through our computer may require us to take a few extra steps, it’s not the end of the world. We need to patiently encourage our colleagues to step into the 21st century, just like we encourage that friend with the concert t-shirt to head over to Macy’s or The Gap.

In the surgical scheduling field, it may be even more important to ditch the fax machine quickly. Patient data that sits on a fax machine tray may be a violation of HIPAA regulations; something none of us wants. Sending data via a secure, online server is the best way to deal with information. Scheduling surgeries via email also results in instant confirmations and sufficient “e-trails” to keep us organized.

Case-Connect is the way to jump into the 21st century and beyond. Automated scheduling, email confirmations, streamlined procedures, and easy access to statistics and data make Case-Connect a surefire way to move ahead. We’ve created a product that makes surgical scheduling the least of your worries…no more never-ending games of “fax tag” are necessary.

I’m not on a mission to rid the world of fax machines. I am, however, interested in ridding the surgical field of inefficient, time-consuming, profit-eating ways of doing business. And I wouldn’t mind if acid washed jeans never came back in style, either.

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