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Mark Roady is the founder and CEO of Surgical Data Solutions, Inc. Over the last 10 years, Mark had noted that most surgeons were frustrated with making sure their surgeries were properly scheduled with the hospital, medical device sales reps, anesthesia and anyone else that needed to know. In mid 2005, Mark had an “aha moment” and discovered a better way to serve the needs of surgeons, patients, hospitals, and medical device distributors by inventing and designing an online surgical scheduling software solution that would add value to all industry participants.

Mark graduated from the University of New Mexico with a BS in biology and a minor in mathematics and chemistry in 1987. Interested in medical sales, he started his career selling pharmaceuticals for Parke-Davis, a Warner Lambert Company. After 5 years, he switched careers and became a medical device sales rep selling total hips and knees for Johnson & Johnson. In 1992, Mark formed MAR Medical, which became a distributor for total joints and numerous other sports medicine implants used for shoulder and knee injuries. In 1996, MAR Medical entered into the spine business by representing AcroMed, which was later purchased by DePuy, a Johnson & Johnson company.

Mark has a vast knowledge of orthopedic medical devices including spine, joint reconstruction, trauma and sports medicine. Mark continues to look for new ways to offer value-added solutions to surgeons, hospitals, and medical device manufacturers, while keeping high ethical values.

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