About Surgical Data Solutions

The old way of scheduling surgeries, hand-collecting data, and spending hours on the phone is gone. At least that’s what Surgical Data Solutions is offering – a chance to leave the old way behind in favor a new, streamlined way of running your practice.

Surgeons have been asking for a streamlined way to run their offices for years. Surgical Data Solutions has answered the call. When it began in 2005, Surgical Data Solutions was dedicated to connecting surgeons with device representatives in order to maximize efficiency. Eventually, the company expanded to create Case-Connect, the crowning achievement in surgical scheduling software. With this new, digital platform, surgical offices can streamline operations ranging from scheduling to data collection and analytics.

Case-Connect clients receive the latest technology specifically designed for the surgical field. Surgical Data Solutions continues to be a world leader in bringing the most current products to the surgical world.

Surgical Data Solutions is a privately-owned company based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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