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Trademark Status Symbolizes Great Things for Case-Connect

We’ve all seen the famous “R-in-a-circle” trademark symbol. We see it on restaurant signs, clothing labels, sports paraphernalia, and much more. Now, Case-Connect will proudly add the “®” to its wardrobe. On Monday, we received notification from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office confirming that Case-Connect is now a registered trademark.

Let me officially introduce you to Case-Connect®.

The product has not changed; the new Case-Connect® is still the same great surgical scheduling platform it always was. This new symbol is merely a…symbol, if you will.

It symbolizes the uniqueness of Case-Connect® as a scheduling platform. It symbolizes how Case-Connect® is indeed a pioneer in the “healthcloud” (the adoption of cloud computing models within the healthcare IT industry). It symbolizes that Case-Connect® is here to stay.

We are pleased with the progress of Case-Connect®; it is making a big splash wherever it goes. The future holds many great things for Surgical Data Solutions and its products. This trademark registration is just one of many victories that Case-Connect® can expect in the coming months and years.

Enjoy your new look, Case-Connect®…you deserve it!

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Online Scheduling is the Best Tool in Your Bag

You’ve probably seen a television show where a vacationing doctor miraculously performs a life-saving surgery using a ball point pen, a paper clip, and a restaurant napkin. Impressive? You bet. Plausible? Well, maybe not so much. Ideal? Obviously not.

When it boils right down to it, you need the best tools available to help you succeed. You wouldn’t dream of going into surgery with whatever you happen to have in your lunch bag or briefcase. There are specialized instruments that help you get the job done right: forceps, retractors, etc. The same principals that apply in the OR also apply in your office – you need specialized instruments to help you do the job the right way.

There are many tools available to schedule a surgery. The fax machine, the telephone, a pad of paper, and Post-it notes are old favorites. These “tools,” however, are the equivalent of the ball point pen in a surgery – they may (or may not) get the job done in a pinch but will undoubtedly leave collateral damage. There is a better way to schedule.

Enter cloud computing. The Internet Revolution has opened the doors to a whole new world of resources. By using the miracle of modern information technology, Case-Connect has developed an online surgical scheduling platform that gives surgical office a whole new set of tools. Surgical schedulers can now schedule a surgery with multiple participants with a single click of the mouse.

Think of Case-Connect as your clean, sterilized surgical tray. It will give you the options and flexibility needed to perform a life-saving operation on your bottom-line.

There’s no reason to use an old makeshift tool like the fax machine. In a pinch, you can probably get away with sending a few schedules using the old telephone-line-connected-to-a-typewriter trick. But that is unlikely — you won’t ever be in a scheduling pinch again. Thanks to cloud computing, your surgical schedules are always only an Internet connection away. It’s time to get connected with the right tools.

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Online Surgical Scheduling is the Cure for the “Inefficiency Bug”

The universal healthcare debate continues — the political frying pan is heating up quickly. It’s hard to steer clear of some reference to the topic du jour of our nation. Once again, I remind you that this is not a political blog — you won’t find hostilities or arguments here (there are plenty of those blogs available if that’s what interests you…)

I want to discuss a single talking point that sometimes gets brought up in this debate – “the preexisting condition.” Both sides agree that something has to be done for those citizens with preexisting conditions…what that is, on the other hand, is yet to be determined. These conditions come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is certain: the people deserve the very best treatment available.

There’s a preexisting condition out there that worries me. It has a virtual stranglehold on thousands in this country, and many of them don’t even know they are sick. There are no telethons, infomercials, or sponsorship opportunities to help the victims – they are often left to fight the battle alone. It occurs in surgical offices, mainly, but I’m sure it rears its ugly head in other places, too.

The condition: Faximus Horrendus – (inefficient scheduling, often involving a fax machine).
The infection rate: severe.
The cure: Case-Connect Surgical Scheduling Software.
The prognosis: excellent.

The onset of this deadly condition can be devastating. Families miss out on rousing dinner conversations because of late hours in the office. Lunch breaks are replaced with a queue of never ending phone calls and monotonous hours standing at the fax machine. Bottom lines remain trapped in the quagmire of mediocrity.

Despite its devastating appearance, Faximus Horrendus can indeed be treated. There are, however, very few “solutions companies” that will take on such a preexisting condition. Some may claim to have the remedy only to reveal later that their cure is merely a sugar pill. Placebos have no effect on this condition.

Not just anyone off the street can prescribe an antidote to surgical scheduling inefficiency. Treating this illness involves tapping into the ever-growing digital age and web-based platforms – many so-called remedies rely on outdated software designed for other industries. (Is a bulky software setup designed for the construction field really going to help your surgical case scheduling?)

Case-Connect is the only product with the strength to rid your office of this ugly condition. Fax machines: beware! There is a new solution in town, and it is taking on all preexisting conditions — no office histories to turn in, no experimental remedy clauses to sign, and no “stepping on to the scale.” Everyone is welcomed.

This is one healthcare solution that can definitely be “universal.” Let the healing begin…

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A Better Way

I’ve heard quite a few comments about the fax machine article – I guess it’s funny because it’s true. The surgical world just can’t seem to lose the fax machine in the rear view mirror. The fax machine is still lingering in surgical offices like a bad device representative, but so are plenty of other outdated ways of doing business. It’s crucial that we change our ways sooner rather than later.

Imagine if other industries, like banks, hadn’t stepped into the light…

Why is the line at the ATM so long? I need to get back to the office to make a zillion phone calls…but I need cash for tonight. I guess I’ll wait…

Finally! Was that guy withdrawing money from Geneva or something? Sheesh!
Okay, we’re rolling now.

“Welcome to Old School Bank, please enter your pin number.”


“We’re sorry; we do not accept digital entries from the keypad. Please write your pin number on the paper provided and insert into the slot marked “pin number.”

What? Why is there even a keypad, then? This is the stupidest thi…

“Please do not be rude, this is the way we do things here.”

It heard my thoughts? That’s creepy. Fine, here’s my pin number.

“Thank you. A representative will contact you shortly with confirmation of your correct pin number. Please go to the end of the line.”

You’re kidding. Isn’t this an automat…

“I’m not kidding”

-20 minutes later-

Okay, I’m back. Hopefully I haven’t been fired yet.

“Quick Cash” – that’s more like it…

“To withdraw cash using our “Quick Cash” feature, please fill out a withdrawal form and fax it to our main office at (480)555-9088. An account representative will manually enter your transaction into our system and FedEx the money to this location. Your money will be available for pickup anytime after 3:00 PM on Friday…”

*This has been a fictional account…any similarities to real surgery schedulers are completely coincidental.

The better way is this: use technology, that’s why it is there! Just as the ATM machine wasn’t utilizing its computerized system for easy data collection and distribution, the surgical world is using the PC for little more than the occasional game of solitaire.

How many times have we relied on the fax machine to send a fax to the hospital for scheduling purposes? They are most likely receiving the fax via their email inbox – that means that after they roll their eyes, they must print out the information, manually enter it into the system, and return a phone call to confirm receipt. Why are we blatantly ignoring the simplicity of a digital system?

Case-Connect is the easy way to put your computer to use. You don’t even need to install any software; just use your Internet connection. With the click of a button, schedules are sent to all interested parties in electronic form. Hospitals, patients, and other support offices can digitally add the information to their systems and confirm with another click of a button. No paper, no busy signals, no communication mishaps…just instant success. Streamlined scheduling will take less time, create fewer headaches, and lead to happier surgical offices.

You wouldn’t keep your money in a bank that operated like the one above; don’t lose business because you operate an outdated surgical office. There is indeed a better way. Get connected today!

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