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Trademark Status Symbolizes Great Things for Case-Connect

We’ve all seen the famous “R-in-a-circle” trademark symbol. We see it on restaurant signs, clothing labels, sports paraphernalia, and much more. Now, Case-Connect will proudly add the “®” to its wardrobe. On Monday, we received notification from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office confirming that Case-Connect is now a registered trademark.

Let me officially introduce you to Case-Connect®.

The product has not changed; the new Case-Connect® is still the same great surgical scheduling platform it always was. This new symbol is merely a…symbol, if you will.

It symbolizes the uniqueness of Case-Connect® as a scheduling platform. It symbolizes how Case-Connect® is indeed a pioneer in the “healthcloud” (the adoption of cloud computing models within the healthcare IT industry). It symbolizes that Case-Connect® is here to stay.

We are pleased with the progress of Case-Connect®; it is making a big splash wherever it goes. The future holds many great things for Surgical Data Solutions and its products. This trademark registration is just one of many victories that Case-Connect® can expect in the coming months and years.

Enjoy your new look, Case-Connect®…you deserve it!

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