Case-Connect Receives Registered Trademark Status

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (November 16, 2009) – The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued an official registered trademark to Case-Connect®. Mark Roady, founder and CEO of Surgical Data Solutions, announced the status change on Monday. "This is yet another piece of good news for Case-Connect®" says Roady.

The registered trademark grants Surgical Data Solutions the exclusive right to use the Case-Connect® mark in conjunction with the healthcare IT products it offers. Case-Connect® is an online surgical scheduling platform designed to make surgical offices more efficient.

The trademark announcement comes in conjunction with the news that Case-Connect® has been selected as a Forty Innovation Showcase finalist. Roady will be attending Dreamforce 2009 in San Francisco this week.

"This is an exciting time for Case-Connect®," says Roady. "We are being recognized as a pioneer in the industry and many good things are taking place."

About Surgical Data Solutions

Surgical Data Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. SDS has successfully developed a product to serve the needs of surgical offices throughout the country. They have partnered with the platform to create Case-Connect: a cloud application that successfully manages the surgical scheduling process. SDS continues to develop additional applications using healthcloud technologies. For more information, please visit

Case-Connect Selected as Forty Innovation Showcase Finalist

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (November 16, 2009) –
During the past year, software powerhouse has been seeking the best innovators in the cloud computing industry. After viewing hundreds of demonstrations, the expert panel at has selected Case-Connect as one of the top 40 innovators of the year. The overall winner will be featured this week at Dreamforce 2009, the premier cloud computing event of the year.

Healthcare efficiency is a hot topic in the United States. The federal government has recently dedicated over $40 billion dollars to provide incentives for streamlined administrative procedures in the medical field. Case-Connect has entered the marketplace at a crucial time. "We are poised to be a major player in the healthcare IT revolution," says Mark Roady, founder and CEO of Surgical Data Solutions. "Case-Connect brings new procedures and technologies to the table that will drastically improve the efficiency of surgical offices."

Case-Connect is a healthcare IT application that helps surgical offices schedule cases using up-to-date technology. "Our goal is to provide surgeons with the tools that will help their practice," says Roady. "We consistently hear about the scheduling challenges facing surgical offices, and Case-Connect is our way of eliminating most of those challenges."

Case-Connect is gaining recognition as an important piece of administrative efficiency, right alongside the innovators in electronic medical records (EMR) and other healthcare IT measures. The finalist selection opens the doors to widespread recognition. Roady notes that “Case-Connect is the only application in the final showcase that is geared toward the healthcare industry. I think we are indeed showing ourselves to be a true pioneer in our niche.”

Salesforce judges will select the top overall application to be presented at Dreamforce 2009. This event is held November 17-20 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. For information about Dreamforce 2009 and the 40 Innovation Showcase, please visit

Case-Connect Chosen As Finalist On's Forty Showcase

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (October 5, 2009) – is the worldwide leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) services. Case-Connect has provided the cloud services of SalesForce to fill a need in the surgical scheduling world. Case-Connect has streamlined the way surgical schedulers communicate surgery details with surgeons, patients, hospitals, support staff and all involved with the surgical process.

This process has been identified by SalesForce as a breakthrough use of the application, and has recognized Case-Connect for it's efforts by inviting them as a Finalist in the Forty Innovation Showcase.

Case-Connect Provides Welcome Relief To Surgical Schedulers

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (June 29, 2009) – Surgical schedulers have their hands full -- scheduling a surgical case involves a litany of tasks and numerous participants. Surgical Data Solutions has released Case-Connect: a new software platform designed to lighten the load of surgical schedulers.

“Our goal is to provide surgeons with the tools that will help their practice,” says Mark Roady, founder and CEO of Surgical Data Solutions. “We consistently hear about the scheduling challenges facing surgical offices, and Case-Connect is our way of eliminating most of those challenges.”

Case-Connect is an online scheduling system that provides surgical offices a quick, streamlined way to manage contacts and schedule surgeries. When a surgery date is set, emails or faxes are automatically sent to all applicable participants (including patients, hospitals, support staff, product suppliers, and more). The automated confirmation process increases office productivity by eliminating time-consuming follow-up calls and emails.

Many times, surgeons have to cancel surgeries because crucial instruments or devices have been forgotten, delivered to the wrong location, or ordered incorrectly. Case-Connect ensures that suppliers and sales reps have accurate information about each case; a feature that will eliminate wasted trips to the operating room and cancelled surgeries.

Because the software is Web-based, schedulers can access information from any Internet connection. Roady sees the need for a flexible, user-friendly system: “anything we can do to give extra freedom to the surgical office is a bonus. By tapping into the portability of a Web-based platform, we have dramatically increased surgeons’ flexibility in the scheduling process.”

The release of Case-Connect is expected to alleviate many of the headaches previously associated with surgical scheduling. “This release marks a new beginning in the surgical scheduling world,” says Roady. “Case-Connect will bring surgical offices a much needed positive change in the way cases are handled.”

In conjunction with the release of Case-Connect surgical scheduling software, Surgical Data Solutions is also launching a new dedicated website. The website includes product information, frequently asked questions, and video tutorials -- as well as a link for a free trial of Case-Connect. For more information, please visit

Mark Roady, Founder & CEO