Case-Connect Partner Program:

Here at Case-Connect, we understand value. We understand the value of a surgical scheduling program that puts everyone on the same page – that’s how we came up with Case-Connect. We understand the value of a good recommendation – that’s why we created the Case-Connect Partner Program. We understand the value of great professionals – that’s why we need you.

We see you as a valuable partner to our business. Your expertise and influence in the surgical world are tangible. Mark Roady, founder and CEO of Surgical Data Solutions, said that “many of our customers will derive more value from our product if they are working closely with a medical device sales consultant. Helping our partners succeed will help us provide more value to our customers – that is why we are committed to enhancing and building the Partner Program."

This program isn’t just for us…partnership is a two-way street. Our program is designed to help everyone succeed. Here’s how:

A Valuable Product for Everyone

Case-Connect is a unique, patent-pending platform that allows surgeons to coordinate the many facilities, participants, and devices needed to successfully complete a surgery. The scheduling benefits enjoyed by surgeons extend to all parties involved.

As a key participant of the process, a sales representative will receive organized, timely requests for implants and devices. You will receive real-time updates to the cases in which you are involved. No more last-minute orders, misinformation, or scheduling inconsistencies.

The bottom line: as more of your surgical partners use Case-Connect, the easier your job will be.

Referral Bonuses

When you refer a surgical colleague to Case-Connect, you get more than a headache-free way to stay connected during the scheduling process. As a referral partner, you receive bonuses that will add to your cash-flow. You get the bonus; you and your colleagues get easier scheduling, clearer communication, and streamlined processes. Everyone wins.

Ongoing Relationships

Surgical Data Solutions, the company that created Case-Connect, is a leading edge company with an accomplished past and a limitless future. The major tenet of our operations is valuing our customers. We don’t just say it, though, we show it. We provide superior products, solve problems using industry experience, offer unrivaled technical support, and participate in a highly active customer support forum moderated by Case-Connect employees. We take pride in doing business the right way.

Starting a relationship with Case-Connect means becoming part of a world-class team.

If you are interested in learning how you can use the Case-Connect Partner Program to earn extra income and enhance your business, please fill out the information below. Also, we encourage you to discover the benefits of Case-Connect by viewing a brief video at

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to working with you.

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